WP 1

D 1.1 Consolidates Research Report

D 1.1 Consolidates Research Report Rev.

D 1.2 Early vision of a SandS session

D 1.2 Early vision of a SandS sessio Rev.

D 1.3 Network performance prediction

D 1.4 Resume of the methodological advances

WP 2

D 2.1 Datasheet for Sands Motherboard and modules

D 2.1 Arduino Sands Consumption

D 2.1 Arduino Sands Mosfet

D 2.1 Arduino Sands Motherboard

D 2.1 Arduino Sands Relay 

D 2.1 Arduino Sands Sensor

D 2.1 Arduino Sands UI

D 2.1 Arduino Sands TWI protocol

D 2.1 Sands Modules firmware

D 2.2 Thinking Appliance Manual 

D 2.2 Built_In_Oven_Remote_Extension_Protocol

D 2.2 Getting-Started-Guide_SandS_cross_compiler

D 2.2 Getting-Started-Guide_SandS_I2C_configuration_tool


D 2.2 Getting-Starter-Guide_SandS_motherboard 

D 2.3 Thinking Appliance stress test 

WP 3

D 3.1 Detailed layout of domestic infrastructure

D 3.2 First assesment of knowledge management


D 3.3 Definition of the hook services and their management

WP 4

D 4.1 Wireless protocols report

D 4.2 First experimentation report

WP 5

D 5.1 Ground Truth

WP 6

D 6.1 Social Network definition

WP 7

D 7.1 Report on mockup installation

WP 9

D 9.1 Website Description

D 9.2 Project Fiche

D 9.2 Deliverable Template

D 9.2 Minute template (pdf)

D 9.2 Presentation template (pttx)

D 9.2 SandS logo

D 9.2 SandS leaflet

D 9.3 Dissemination plan

WP 10

D 10.1 1st project progress mini-report

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