Social&Smart is an experimental project aiming at instantiating a large-scale IoT  Experiments will be run on top of the Crew, OpenLab and SmartSantander facilities.

Keywords: Internet of Things, networked intelligence, thinking things,  domotic middleware.

Project Overview

  Social&Smart will push the frontier of trustworthy services to everyday things

  An Internet of Thing infrastructure with:

  1. household appliances at end nodes
  2. housekeepers in the core to finalize an adaptive usage of them
  3. a social network as a cognitive milieu
  4. a networked  intelligence to optimize the appliance services
  5. middleware islands to rule the appliances through a loop of instructions-feedbacks circulating along the network

Scientific and Technical Objectives

To stress interoperability between heterogeneous things and different users served by a networked intelligence


Technical Approach

 A holistic FIRE services layered architecture in the service of a housekeeper social network

Project coordinator

University of Milan - Bruno Apolloni
Department Of Computer Science

Via Comelico 39 Milano, Italy

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